Musictheory for bass players

Line clichés
A “line cliché” is a melodic line, that moves stepwise against a single chord.

Line clichés (part 1)
Line clichés (part 2)

The dorian mode
When you rearrange the notes of a C-major scale starting from the second dregree (“D”) and proceed through it until that same note is reached one octave higher, you’ll be constructing the D-dorian scale.
The d dorian scale contains the same notes as the c-major scale, just in different order.

The dorian mode (part 1)

Slash chords and chord inversions
G/D and Em/D are called slash chords.
Understanding how to read these chords is fairly simple: the letter to the left of the slash is the type of chord (major, minor, seventh-chord etc.) and the note right of the slash is the bass note to be played with this chord.

Slash chords and chord inversions

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