Lessons To Go - Chords & Arpeggios (part 1)

Totally revised edition of my lesson about major chords. It's now part of my lessons series "Chords & Arpeggios" that will be released over the next weeks!

I often get asked by my students, how to make up your own bassline, when all you have is a sheet with chord symbols.
I want to show you in a multipart lesson about so-called "bassline building" how you can quickly come up with some good-sounding basslines, when all you know is the chords of the song.
The most important approach is to learn which notes belong to a particular chord symbol and to play them as an arpeggio. If you play an arpeggio you play the notes of a chord one after the other contrary to playing them simultaneously like a guitarist or keyboarder would do.
In this first installment I show you the "major arpeggios" i.e. the chord tones of major chords. We talk about some standard fingerings and as playing arpeggio can sometimes be demanding for the fretting hand I show you some exercises for your finger-fitness. We'll finally apply those fingerings in different basslines to accompany major chords.

Here are a few pages of the pdf-handout and one of the accompanying videos:

If you like to learn to play and improvise with chord arpeggios just hit the Paypal-Button ( $ 12,-) underneath and I'll send you the download-link for the 16-page handout, 20 mp3 files and 10 videos of part 1 within 24 hours. Most of the times I'm faster but if you hit the button in the middle of the night (CET time) you might have to wait a bit longer ;-)

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