Weekly Basslines #198: School's Out / Another brick in the wall (Hollywood Vampires)

In preparation of a gig I'll be playing as sub in two weeks time I transcribed this new and thrilling version of Alice Coopers 70ies classic hit "School's Out" covered by the man himself joined by a few friends like Johnny Depp & Joe Perry.
My transcription follows the studio recorded version from the 2015 debut album.

Here's a live version from "Rock in Rio". To play along with this version you'll have to tune down the bass a half step to Eb, Ab, Db, Gb. The studio version is in standard tuning.

The song starts at 40.00 min.


Weekly Basslines #196: The Rider Song (Nick Cave)

This song was requested by my bass student Susanna. It's taken from the soundtrack album "The Proposition" (an Australian western film from 2005) recorded by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis.