Weekly Basslines #193: Drink New Blood (Iggy Pop)

Wow, it's been 7 weeks since my last transcription post here. I've been very busy this summer with playing lots of gigs with my band (14 shows in 7 weeks) and running summer intensive courses at my music school. And it's going on: ten more shows until the end of October and 2 Weekend Workshops besides the regular bass lessons. But anyway I want to try to catch up with my "Weekly Basslines" routine, especially because there's a bunch of requests piled up on my desk. That means I will be posting more than one transcription a week until I'm back in the schedule again.

I'm starting with a request by one of my students:
"Drink New Blood" is from the 2001 studio album "Beat 'em up".

To play this song you have to tune down your E-string a whole step to D. 
This is called "Drop-D-Tuning".

I've also recorded a video tutorial for this song:

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