Weekly Basslines #192: Think (Mick Jagger)

Today Mick Jagger turns 73.
Besides singing with the Rolling Stones he released 4 solo albums so far. The 1993 album "Wandering Spirit" is my favorite one.

Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2674472

The song "Think" is a cover song originally written by Lowman Pauling  and recorded by his band the "5 Royales" in 1957. (This song is not to be confused with the tune done by Aretha Franklin, which is a different composition.)
In 1960 James Brown did a radical rework of the tune, turning it from R&B into funk.
And finally Mick did another rework by turning it into a driving rock song:


Here's the original version by the The "5 Royales".

And here James Brown's funky version: