Weekly Basslines #181: Uno (Muse)

Rock music and Tango rhythm, what a cool combination!

This weeks bassline features the underlying rhythm of the so-called "Habanera"-Rhythm, which is one of the most popular rhythms in Tango music. Like almost all of the south-american rhythms the "Habanera" is originally notated in 2/4 time signature.

The 3 most common variations of the "Habanera" look like this:

As it is more common in rock- & pop-music to notate in 4/4 time signature I also showed how this looks like.

 Here's two example basslines to "Habanera" rhythms #1 & #2 notated in 4/4 time signature:

The song "Uno" was originally recorded for the EP "Muscle Museum" in January 1999 and then re-recorded for the debut album "Showbiz" in October 1999.

The song is in the key of E harmonic minor and only uses the i - iv and V chords (Em - Am - B7). The bassline is composed of the arpeggios to these chords played in "Habanera" rhythm #2: