Weekly Basslines #184: Start! - The Jam

Hi all you bass people,
this week I send you a quick transcription from the road. I'm currently in a region in northern italy known as South Tyrol and tonight I'll be playing a gig in a venue on a mountain at an altitude of 2000m  (6561,68 ft). All the equipment has to be brought up by caple car, sounds like a big adventure.

View from my hotel room.

Today is Paul Weller's birthday and therefore here's a transcription of a tune by The Jam:


Weekly Basslines #183: I Was Brought To My Senses (Sting)

Inspired by one of my students (hi Sebastian :-)), the topic of this weeks bassline is odd meter. Here's a nice bassline in 7/4 meter by Sting from his 1996 album "Mercury Falling".

I did a short video tutorial for this song. Take a look!


Four Strings Videobasslesson - Playing Soul (Teil 1)

Es hat ja eine Weile gadauert bis ich Zeit gefunden habe eine neue Videobasslesson zu erstellen, aber jetzt habe ich es endlich geschafft :-)

Hier die ersten 5 Minuten aus dem insgesamt 28-minütigen Video:

Das komplette Video (28 Minuten) und das dazugehörende 11-seitige Begleit-pdf erhaltet ihr gegen eine Spende von mindestens 10,- € für meinen Bassblog. Spätestens 24 Stunden (je nachdem wie ich gerade unterwegs bin) nach der Spende bekommt ihr einen Dropbox-Link zum downloaden der Dateien von mir zugesandt.

Und als besonderen Bonus bekommt ihr auch noch die vollständigen Transkriptionen zu folgenden im Workshop behandelten Titel:

Viel sBASS!


Weekly Basslines #182: Ex's & Oh's (Elle King)

This song was requested by one of my students. Cool voice and a nice song too and the bassline's pretty easy. So grab your bass and play along!


Weekly Basslines #181: Uno (Muse)

Rock music and Tango rhythm, what a cool combination!

This weeks bassline features the underlying rhythm of the so-called "Habanera"-Rhythm, which is one of the most popular rhythms in Tango music. Like almost all of the south-american rhythms the "Habanera" is originally notated in 2/4 time signature.

The 3 most common variations of the "Habanera" look like this:

As it is more common in rock- & pop-music to notate in 4/4 time signature I also showed how this looks like.

 Here's two example basslines to "Habanera" rhythms #1 & #2 notated in 4/4 time signature:

The song "Uno" was originally recorded for the EP "Muscle Museum" in January 1999 and then re-recorded for the debut album "Showbiz" in October 1999.

The song is in the key of E harmonic minor and only uses the i - iv and V chords (Em - Am - B7). The bassline is composed of the arpeggios to these chords played in "Habanera" rhythm #2: