Weekly Basslines #180: Graceland (Paul Simon)

This weeks bassline was requested by Michael from Wilhelmsthal (Germany). Thank's Michael for the donation!

Graceland is the title song from Paul Simon's 1986 Worldmusic album of the same name and features a cool fretless bassline from Bakithi Kumalo, a South African bassplayer and backing vocals by "The Everly Brothers".


Weekly Basslines #179: Sightreading Exercises

This week I want to show you a few sightreading exercises.
Although I mostly put Tab's underneath my transcriptions I'm not really a big fan of tablature and all my students are learning to read music. The good thing about it: it's really easy on bass guitar.
So why not give it a try?

Here's an excerpt of my sightreading tutorial:

If you seriously like to get into sightreading check out my "Lessons To Go" on this topic:

More information here: