Weekly Basslines # 177: Con Los Años Que Me Quedan (Gloria Estefan)

I'm recently preparing the "Latin Bass" workshop I will be giving at my music school at the end of april. I will show the different styles of latin grooves and illustrate them by songs mainly from the pop- and rock gengre. One of my favourite examples is this beautiful sentimental song performed by Gloria Estefan.
It's an example for the "Bolero", a cuban style which features a slow 2/4 rhythm and must be clearly distinguished by the spanish "Bolero" which is in 3/4 time.
In this examle the main rhythmic elements of cuban bolero are played on shaker (maracas) and congas:

There are two charateristic basic rhythmic patterns for bass:

"Con Los Años Que Me Quedan" ("With The Years I Have Left") was released in September 1993 as the second single from Gloria Estefan's first spanish album entitled "Mi tierra" (My Homeland) in which she pays hommage to her Cuban roots.

For my german readers:
Der Workshop "Latin Bass" findet am 23. + 24.04.2016 in der STAGE AHEAD Musicschool in Wiesbaden statt. Es gibt noch freie Plätze. Weitere Infos zu den Workshops findet ihr hier: