Weekly Basslines #169: Holy Diver (Ronnie James Dio)

Can you remember when you were first discovering Rock music as a kid?
In my case it was around the years 1976/77 when I was 11 years old. I had no older siblings and so I was introduced to rock music by an older cousin of mine.
And can you remember when you bought your first records from your pocket money and then playing them over and over again, driving your parents nuts?
One of these albums I bought in that time was "On Stage" by Rainbow. Oh I really loved that album and listened to it several times a day, looking at the pictures on the cover, reading through everything written on the backside and dreaming of being a rockstar myself.
And this is were I first read the name Jimmy Bain, as the personnel on that record was:

Ronnie James Dio - Vocals
Ritchie Blackmore - Guitar
Cozy Powell - Drums
Tony Carey - Keyboards
Jimmy Bain - Bass

And all those childhood memories came back to me, when I read about Jimmy Bain's dead two days ago.
So I decided to transcribe one of his basslines, not with Rainbow - he only happened to be on two albums with them ("On Stage" and "Rising"), but rather with Ronnie James Dio with whom he recorded 7 albums.

R.I.P. Jimmy Bain