Weekly Basslines #162: Street Life (Randy Crawford & The Crusaders)

This weeks bassline is a request. Yes I do take requests, but only if you're willing to donate at least 25 $ to my bass-blog. So did Rudi from Germany and therefor I transcribed this bassline for him.

In 2003 I had the privilege to meet Randy Crawford in person. I was on tour with Marla Glen and in July of this very hot summer The Crusaders and Marla Glen played a package show in a big top somewhere in Austria.

We were playing first and right in the middle of our set one of our roadies walked on stage and put a little note in front of me on the floor. I was musical director of the band back then and Ronnie used to do this, if something went wrong our some problems occur. But this time the note had a big smiley on it and said: "Randy is sitting right behind the monitor desk  and having a great time :-)". So I turned my head left and there I saw Randy Crawford sitting on a flightcase and rockin' to our music. She caught my glimpse, smiled and gave me a thumb up! This surely was a great moment for us.

After the show, she invited us to her dressing room, where she offered champagne and told us how much she enjoyed our music. She is such a lovely, warm-hearted person, although she had bad problems with her hips and only could walk with a walking cane.We were talking like old friends, making it a very memorable moment of my life.

"Street Life" is the title track of the 1979 Crusaders studio album of the same name.The album version of the song with a prolonged rubato type intro and extended solos is 11 minutes long. I transcribed a 6 minutes long version from the Crusaders compilation CD "Gold".


The whole transcription is 14 pages. Rudi get's all the pages, because he donated :-)

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