Weekly Basslines #165: Please Come Home For Christmas (The Eagles)

This years Christmas song transcription is of course by "The Eagles", continuing my Eagles-Transcriptions project I started in october this year. But in fact this song is not an original Eagles tune, because "Please Come Home For Christmas" was originally written by the american blues singer and piano player Charles Brown and already released in 1960. The Eagles covered the song 1978 for a holiday single. It was the first Eagles song featuring Timothy B. Schmit on the bass, who replaced the original bassplayer Randy Meisner.

Happy X-mas to all you bass-players out there!


Weekly Basslines #164: Island In The Sun (Weezer)

Greetings from an "Island In The Sun" :-)

This week I'm on tour with my band on "Fuerteventura" an atlantic island, which belongs to Spain and so I thought this nice little song by Weezer would perfectly fit for this weeks "Weekly Bassline":


Weihnachtsverlosung 2015 - Die Workshop-Vorschläge und die Gewinner

Hallo ihr "bässten" Menschen!

Vielen Dank für die rege Teilnahme an meinem kleinen Gewinnspiel. Ich habe viele tolle Anregungen für neue Workshops bekommen und freue mich darauf diese im nächsten Jahr umsetzen zu können.

Im folgenden Video erläutere ich Eure Vorschläge und am Ende ziehe ich auch die zwei Gewinner der Gutscheine für einen Wochenendworkshop eurer Wahl:

an die Gewinner!

Ich werde Euch die Gutscheine per Mail zusenden und ihr könnt mir dann mitteilen für welchen Workshop ihr diese einlösen möchtet.


Weekly Basslines #163: Imagine (John Lennon, Yellowjackets feat. Randy Crawford)

35 years ago on December 8th 1980 a man and his vision for a better world was shot dead in New York.

R.I.P. John Lennon

Imagine is the biggest song of his solo carrier. The Rolling Stone magazine ranked "Imagine" at #3 in its list of "The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time".

Here's the original video clip John and Yoko filmed on a misty day in June 1971 at their home in Tittenhurst Park Ascot, England.

In 1999 BMI named "Imagine" one of the top 100 most performed songs of the 20th century. Here's a very nice version by The Yellowjackets feat. Randy Crawford.

To me the message of this song is as topical as never before in these times of terror all over the world, so we should never forget these wise words of John Lennon. 


Weihnachtsverlosung: Gutscheine für Workshops gewinnen!

Hallo ihr "bässten" Menschen!

Heute gibt es leider keine Videolesson. Ich habe den vorweihnachtlichen Stress völlig unterschätzt und es nicht geschafft eine neue Lesson zu produzieren. Und letzte Woche war ich noch so zuversichtlich. Nun ja, aber Weihnachten ist ein gutes Stichwort und daher habe ich mir überlegt, als Ausgleich für die versäumte Videolesson zwei GUTSCHEINE für einen meiner Wochenendworkshops zu verlosen.

Hier eine Übersicht über die demnächst anstehenden Workshops:

30. + 31.01.2016 Walking Bass Workshop
27. + 28.02.2016 Blues-Rock Workshop
05. + 06.03.2016 Harmonielehre (für alle Instrumente)
16. + 17.04.2016 Latin Bass

Weitere Workshops sind in Planung! Ausführliche Infos zu den Workshops findet ihr hier!

Um einen GUTSCHEIN zu GEWINNEN müsst ihr mir lediglich eine eMail an tom@four-strings.de senden und mir einen Vorschlag für einen neuen Workshop machen. Also was interessiert euch noch, welchen Workshop würdet ihr euch von mir wünschen? Unter allen Einsendern, die mir bis nächsten Samstag (12.12.) einen Vorschlag schicken, verlose ich dann zwei Gutscheine, die ihr zu einem Workshop eurer Wahl einlösen könnt. Ich bin sehr gespannt!


Weekly Basslines #162: Street Life (Randy Crawford & The Crusaders)

This weeks bassline is a request. Yes I do take requests, but only if you're willing to donate at least 25 $ to my bass-blog. So did Rudi from Germany and therefor I transcribed this bassline for him.

In 2003 I had the privilege to meet Randy Crawford in person. I was on tour with Marla Glen and in July of this very hot summer The Crusaders and Marla Glen played a package show in a big top somewhere in Austria.

We were playing first and right in the middle of our set one of our roadies walked on stage and put a little note in front of me on the floor. I was musical director of the band back then and Ronnie used to do this, if something went wrong our some problems occur. But this time the note had a big smiley on it and said: "Randy is sitting right behind the monitor desk  and having a great time :-)". So I turned my head left and there I saw Randy Crawford sitting on a flightcase and rockin' to our music. She caught my glimpse, smiled and gave me a thumb up! This surely was a great moment for us.

After the show, she invited us to her dressing room, where she offered champagne and told us how much she enjoyed our music. She is such a lovely, warm-hearted person, although she had bad problems with her hips and only could walk with a walking cane.We were talking like old friends, making it a very memorable moment of my life.

"Street Life" is the title track of the 1979 Crusaders studio album of the same name.The album version of the song with a prolonged rubato type intro and extended solos is 11 minutes long. I transcribed a 6 minutes long version from the Crusaders compilation CD "Gold".


The whole transcription is 14 pages. Rudi get's all the pages, because he donated :-)