Weekly Basslines #161: One Of These Nights (The Eagles)

The Eagles transcriptions project continues.....

A few weeks ago I started transcribing Eagles tunes for a student of mine, who intends to play in an Eagles-tribute band. And he's doing it solely for a charity project in my hometown. It's called "Bärenherz" (could be translated: "heart of a bear") and is a foundation which takes care of fatally ill children and their relatives. So I decided to give him my full support and transcribe all songs for a complete show for him.

Todays bassline is a very special one and so I decided to add a slow video demonstration for the main parts.

"One Of Thes Nights" is the title track of the fourth studio album from 1975 and made to #1 in the Billboard Charts in May 1975.


written by Don Henley and Glenn Frey
key: G major/ E minor
 tempo: 108bpm
released in may 19,1975 and reached #1 in the billboard charts
lead vocals by Don Henley

Here's a live version from 1977. I transcribed the original studio album version.

The distinctive bassline of the intro section is said to be created by guitarist Don Felder

Here's my video lesson:

 Basslines like these are great for sampling, as you can hear in the following clip: