Weekly Basslines #160: A Kind Of Magic (Queen)

In the past august I had the big pleasure to play a whole set of Queen music with my band. While practicing and playing the live shows I realised again how great this music is. I've always been a Queen fan - one of my first records I ever bought was "A Day At The Races" in the seventies when I was 12 years old. Although I was highly devoted to the music of Queen I never really had the chance to play the music by myself and therefore I was really excited about performing this special show with my band.

Todays Bassline is said to be mainly composed by Freddie Mercury, because Roger Taylor wrote the song for the "Highlander" movie and Freddie rearranged the tune for the Queen album of the same name.

I transcribed the live version from "Live at Wembley":

Here's a video clip from my band playing this tune:

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