Weekly Basslines #157: Two Tickets To Paradise (Eddie Money)

This weeks basslines falls in the category of "almost forgotten but yet rediscovered".

I'm the kind of guy who needs loud music for cleaning up my flat. So when it is my turn again the first thing I do is picking a record from my collection to be my "Cleaning soundtrack".
Lately I took the debut album from Eddie Money, which I haven't heard for about decades and believe me I really had a good time cleaning up. Starting with this weeks song "Two Tickets To Paradise" the whole album really kicks ass, including the hymn of my teenage dreams "Wanna Be A Rock'n'Roll Star" (yeah I almost made it ;-) and the wonderful ballad "Save a little room in your heart for me" and the lead single "Baby hold on". No wonder this album gained triple platinum status.

"Two Tickets To Paradise" only comprises three chords: G, A and D. At first glance this suggests to be the key of D major with G being the IV and A the V chord. But the album version of the song (which has no fade out) ends on A, so that we have to consider A to be the key center of the song. When we do so, we have G as bVII and D as IV. This is called the "mixolydian mode", which is really just the notes of the D major scale beginning on the fifth, A.

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