Weekly Basslines #156 - Through Before We Started (Soulsister)


You might not know the band, but it's really likely that you've heard their biggest hit "The Way To Your Heart" before. 1988 this Song with it's vintage Motown sound was a major international success for the band from Belgium hittin' the charts even in the US.

I neither had heard of them before, when I first saw them live in the early 90ies.
The were opening up for ???? (I just can't remember).But they blew me away and the next day I went straight to the record store and bought the two albums  "Heat" and "Simple Rule". "Through Before We Started" was the first song on "Heat".

I would've almost forgotten about the band, if not one of my students recently requested a transcription to a nice "bass and voice"-version of the tune performed by them live in 2011:

Here's their biggest hit "The Way To Your heart":