Weekly Basslines #155 - Witchy Woman (The Eagles)

Wow, it's really been a long time since I posted a new bassline to the "Weekly Basslines" column, really absurd, couldn't even name it "monthly basslines". But sometimes the priorities change for a while, so I started playing more live again and found a band with nearly "weekly gigs" :-)
Also I had to reorganize my music-school business, which really kept me busy for a longer time than I thought.
But now I'm confident to pick up the habit of posting "weekly basslines" again and the new bassline day is going to be tuesday. So check my blog every tuesday to find new basslines.

But now let's get started:

I have a new student, who's a passionate Eagles fan, playing guitar and singing in an Eagles tribute band.  Now he wants to learn the basslines to the songs. So I'm recently transcribing lots of Eagles basslines and here's the first one. "Witchy Woman" from the 1972 debut album:


written by Don Henley and Bernie Leadon
key: g minor
 tempo: 100bpm
released as second single from the debut album, august 1 1972 and reached #9 in the billboard charts
lead vocals by Don Henley

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