Weekly Basslines #151: Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison)

In the latest chapter of my Sightreading course we covered the notes of the G major scale.
In the following weeks I want to supply you with some songs in the key of G major or the relative minor (E minor) to give you the chance to practice your sightreading skills with real songs.

I chose Van Morrisons "Brown Eyed Girl" for the beginning because it stays in the 2nd position (index finger on the 2nd fret) of the fretboard for almost the whole song, so you can directly see the connection of the bassline with the G major scale. 

If you have the "stereo version" of the original recording, turn the panning all to the left and you'll hear the bass loud and clear, because it's a split stereo mix with the guitars all on the right channel and bass solely on the left. On the other hand you can use the original recording as a playalong by turning the bass track off. There are quiete a few recordings of the beginning stereo era (mid-sixties), where this kind of split stereo was used. And of course it also made transcribing a lot easier for me and I can claim this transcription almost 100% accurate ;-).

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