Weekly Basslines #146: I feel free (Cream)

Looking back at 2014 sadly reveals that the list of musicians who died in the past 12 month contains a notably number of my personal heroes. I grew up with the music of Jack Bruce and Cream, Johnny Winter or Joe Cocker and now they're gone forever. I had the privilege to open up for Johnny Winter in 1999 and for Joe Cocker in 2003. I unfortunately never met Jack Bruce, but as a young musician I always felt a kind of "connection" because my birthday (May 14th) was the same as his. And so he became a role model for me when I started playing bass. When Jack Bruce died on October 25th I was to busy too pay hommage to him here on my blog, but now during the X-mas holidays I sat down and transcribed the bassline to the first Cream song I heard in my youth. And here it is:

R.I.P. Jack Bruce