Weekly Basslines #142: Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma (Steve Miller Band)

"I've Always Wanted To Do This......"

I've transcribed hundreds of basslines in the last few years, collected from the internet whatever I could get, even bought some comercial transcription books, so that I finally already have a BIG collection of basslines at my disposal. However there are still some left, which I always wanted to transcribe, but never got round to do and obviously noone else did, as there are no available transcriptions on the internet or comercially published. Sometimes I even started taking down a few lines, yet could never complete it. So I came to the decision, that I start a kind of "Work-In-Progress" series here. Some unfinished transcriptions off my personal "Still-To-Do" list.

Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma is on the list now for already more than ten years. I recently found my scribbled notes in the lowest drawer of my writing desk and rediscovered this cool funky bassline by Gerald Johnson, who recorded a few albums with Steve Miller, but is also know to work with Dave Mason (ex-Traffic), Les Dudeck or Stephen Stills.

The song with the weird title is from one of Steve Millers most famous albums "The Joker" (1973), featuring his Number #1 hit of the same name.

Here's the unfinished transcription, which at least contains the bass solo:

to be continued.... ;-)