Lesson To Go #4 - Sightreading for electric bass (part 2, english)

Here's part 2 of my Sightreading course for bass players. If you're done with part 1, here's more material to work on your sightreading abilities. Do the exercises for only 10 minutes a day constantly and you'll be surprised how quickly your sightreading skills improve.

containing 9-page pdf-handout, 23 mp3 audiofiles, 9 videos (mp4)

Here a few example pages and one of the accompanying videos:

If you like to learn sight-reading with my method just hit the Paypal-Button underneath and I'll send you the download-link for the 9-page handout, 23 mp3 files and 9 videos within 24 hours. Most of the times I'm faster but if you hit the button in the middle of the night (CET time) you might have to wait a bit longer ;-)

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