Lessons To Go #1 - Sightreading for electric bass (part 1) (english edition)

"Lessons To Go" is my new series of downloadable lessons covering a wide range of different topics for the learning bassist.
Each lesson contains a multi-paged pdf-handout, many audio-files (mp3) and several video clips and can be purchased by Paypal for only $ 12,-. After payment i send you the download link within 24 hours, so you can immediately start to practice.
If you have any questions or problems concerning the lessons you can drop me an email at tom@stage-ahead.de and i get back to you as soon as possible.

So let's start with the first installment of "Lessons To Go".

I've been teaching electric bass for over 25 years and with a little pride i can say that every single one of my students has learned to read music in my lessons. Even the reluctant ones were surprised how easy it is and how big the benefits are if you have this skill as a practicing musician.
So why are there still so many bassplayers who can't read music? I think the reason is that - until now - no reasonable method for bass-players existed. So I started to write down my teaching method, that taught hundreds of my students how to sight-read on bass. 

containing 13-page pdf-handout, 21 mp3 audiofiles, 9 videos (mp4)

Take a look at a few example pages and one of the videos:

If you like to learn sight-reading with my method just hit the Paypal-Button underneath and I'll send you the download-link within 24 hours. Most of the times I'm faster but if you hit the button in the middle of the night (CET time) you might have to wait a bit longer ;-)

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