Weekly Basslines #126: Line Clichés (Part 2)

Here's the second part of my little workshop on the subject of "line clichés".  If you haven't read the first part yet, I strongly recommend to do so (Line clichés part 1).

In part 1 I showed you line clichés against minor chords, which are by far the more common ones.
In this part I want to talk about line clichés against major chords.

This type is starting from the root C of the c major chord and descending chromatically to the A. It's the major equivalent to line cliché type a:

In Joe Cockers “You Are So Beautiful” the piano uses this “line cliché” to accompany the three first words of the vocal line:

Finally here’s the “line cliché” with a major chord and an ascending line from the 5th.

 A very famous example for the type d line cliché is the samba tune “Aquarela do Brasil” by Ary Barroso written in 1939.

Here's a version of this tune by Kate Bush recorded for the 1985 movie "Brazil" by Terry Gilliam:

 A variation of this type d "line cliché" is used in this weeks requested transcription.

The wonderful tune "Midnight In Harlem" (requested by Marina) by the Tedeschi Trucks Band uses an ascending line cliché with a stepwise movement in whole tones instead of the chromatic semitones found in the example of "Aquarela do Brasil": 

The nice atmosphere created by this stunningly beautiful chord-progressions is complemented by a amazing bassline of Oteil Burbridge and an extraordinary slide-solo by Dereck Trucks. This is a real piece of art!


Thanks again to Marina for the donation and this really inspiring request!

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