Weekly Basslines #119: Wuthering Heights (Kate Bush)

This has been requested by Paul and I really feel very thankful for that, because this wonderful almost enchanting song deserves to be transcribed.

Released in 1978 as Kate Bush's debut single has a totally unique and unusual sound that grabs one's attention from the very first second. No wonder this song soon became number #1 in the british charts. Inspired by the novel of the same name (by Emily Bronte) Kate Bush's composition reflects the lyrics very well with shifting keys from A-major in the verses to Gb-major in the chorus following the changing tenses in story-telling and the fickle rhythm of the chorus seems to be illustrating the ghost-appearance of Cathy at Heathciffls deathbed.

The bassline is originally played on a fretless bass:

Thanks to Paul for the donation and this wonderful request.