Weekly Basslines #116: Get Lucky (Daft Punk)

This request came along with a donation from Mareen and is a perfect addition to the basslesson about the dorian mode of the previous post, since this tune is written in the dorian mode too.

Besides the scale itself the main thing one should learn about modes is the chord progressions it forms. In the last post I was talking about the i-IV-Progression as a very common progression in the dorian mode.

Here's a very famous example for this progression in the key of A-dorian:

Another popular dorian chord progression is the i-ii-iii-ii-Progression.

The famous example that I want to show you for this progression is in the key of F# dorian:

Get Lucky features another common progression in the dorian mode the i-iii-v-IV-Progression. It's in the key of B dorian:

The bass on this track was played by the great Nathan East on a 5-string bass and I have to admit that it really took me a while to figure out his really outstanding bassline with all the subtle rhythmic details correctly.

The video has a prolonged intro which i didn't transcribe.
So thanks again to Mareen for the donation and I hope you "get lucky" with my transcription!