Weekly Basslines #114: My Generation (Live at Leeds-Version) (The Who)

Quiet recently returned from my summer vacation I found my mailbox overflowing with requests from bass players all over the world. I'm amazed, a big thank you for the donations and I will immediately put the headphones on to transcribe all your requests.

The biggest request (and biggest donation) came from a regular reader of my blog. He asked me if I could transcribe the 15 minute long version of "My Generation" from The Who's famous "Live at Leeds" album. Well I started a few days ago, but it's quiet understandable that it'll take a while and so I decided to do it as a kind of Work-In-Progress post here. As the live version of that song is a medley of different songs I will start with the main song today and consecutively add the remaining parts. An Canadian LP pressing denotes the sections as follows:

a. My Generation
b. See Me, Feel Me (We're Not Gonna Take It)
c. Higher
d. Overbridge
e. Coming Out To Get You
f. Underture
g. Driving Four

So here's the first part, the song "My Generation" itself:

Saturday 14th
Here comes the first addition to the transcription started last week: "See Me, Feel Me" & "Higher":

Sunday 09-29-2013
The second addition:

to be continued.....

If you like The Who or John Entwistles very special way of playing the bass guitar, here's another transcription I've done: