Weekly Basslines #108: Heartbeat & One Time (King Crimson)

Neil from New Jersey really liked my lesson on King Crimson's "Lark's Tongues In Aspic" and asked me if I could come up with some more King Crimson transcriptions. Well I can!
The two songs I want to present are from a different era of the King Crimson History and feature Tony Levin on bass. In contrast to the rude rocking "Lark's Tongues" these songs are in a rather enchanting mood.

The first is "Heartbeat" from the 1982 album "Beat":

To play this song you got to tune your E-string down to D (so called "Drop-D-Tuning").

The second song is from the album "Thrak" (1995).

This one has a tricky rhythm, because the time signature is 6/4, which feels like a 4/4 meter with two beats added:

In the bridge you can see the appearance of a rather special note duration, the quarter-note quadruplet.

A quadruplet is a note-grouping of four, played in the length of three of its note-type. For example, quarter-note quadruplets span three normal quarter notes.

As you can see quadruplets are notated with a small "4" above the notes.