Weekly Basslines #107: The Way It Was (The Killers) & No One Can (Marillion)

I'm recently listening a lot to "The Killers" after having seen a really impressive live-performance of the band on german TV. Like always, when I like a band, I'm starting to transcribe a few of the basslines. Yesterday I did a song called "The Way It Is", which can be found on the bands latest release "Battle Born" from 2012.
While putting the notes down I had a strong feeling of deja vu as the bassline seemed to be very familiar and suddenly it dawned on me. I once transcribed a song which sounded very similar. So I searched my personal transcriptions-database and found a song by "Marillion" called "No One Can".
Let's Listen to both songs:

Although the sound and feeling of the two songs is very similar, they are also quite distinct and I was wondering why I was immediatly reminded of a song that I had transcribed at least ten years ago. What triggered my musical memory? By comparing the two songs I found some interessting hints on how my musical memory works.

First of all the tempo of both songs is exactly the same (106bpm).
The bassline is played in a steady eighth-note groove.
The key of both songs is E-Major.
Both songs use - more or less - the same set of diatonic chords.

These common rhythmic und harmonic features of the songs apparently form a pattern, which is unconciously saved in my memory and a deja vu is triggered whenever I hear a similar pattern. Maybe some of you have gained likewise experiences. I'm eager to hear your stories!