Weekly Basslines #224: Another Day In Paradise (Phil Collins)

Requested by Markus Albat. Thanks for the donation :-)


Weekly Basslines #223 - The Beat Goes On/Switchin' To Glide (The Kings)

"The Kings" are a Canadian rockband formed in 1977. Their best known song "The Beat Goes On/Switchin' To Glide" was recorded for their debut album "The Kings Are Here" in 1980.
This is another request from Sherry & Matthew from Michigan.


Weekly Basslines #219: Come On Down To My Boat Baby (Every Mother's Son)

It's been over three month since I posted a "Weekly Bassline" and I'm very sorry for that. But I needed a break due to some very serious dorsal pains. Sitting down with my bass to transcribe wasn't really possible. Since 8 weeks I'm now regularly exercising at a fitness center and my back feels much better now, so I can slowly come back to the routine of weekly transcriptions.

This weeks transcription had been requested long before my back problems by Sherry from Michigan and I have to apologize that it took so long. Sorry Sherry, I'm doing my best to transcribe all your requests overdue.


Awesome Grooves #1: Down On The Corner (CCR)

I'm starting a new series on songs with awesome bassgrooves. The idea behind this is to compare different groovy basslines and find similarities and differences. What makes a bassline groovy? Are there same common groove-patterns and how can you use them with your own basslines.
I'm starting off with a cool bass + guitar unisono groove by Creedence Clearwater Revival:

The song "Down On the Corner" features two different groove patterns.

Here's the verse groove:

The beats 2 + 4 are anticipated (played on the last sixteenth note of beat 1 + 3), which results in the feeling of accelaration on this part of the groove. Playing a note earlier than expected is called "Syncopation".

Here's the chorus groove:

We can find anticipation on beat 3.